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Chinese Horoscope 2018 Metal Dog

If you want to do well in the of Pig year, then need to well-planned in the of Dog year. To build a Chinese Horoscope Birth Chart needs to use Chinese lunar, solar and stem-branch calendars together. The first day of the Chinese astrological year is the first day of the Tiger Month.

The first day of Brown Dog year is on February 4, The Tiger Month begins around February 4, each year. If you were born before February 4, then you should use the animal sign of the previous year to read your Chinese zodiac forecast. But the best way is to enter your birthday to get the complete Brown Dog Year Chinese Zodiac Prediction with your birth chart.

People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Rat Chinese Zodiac sign. A Rat is underdog when it faces a Dog. But Rat is very smart. It can steal the Dog's food at night safely. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Cow Chinese Zodiac sign.

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Cow and Dog are good neighbors. Cow is conservative and Dog is much more aggressive. Cow likes to have savings and Dog likes to invest. They need to find a balance point to work together. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Tiger Chinese Zodiac sign.

Tiger has the leadership skill. Dog is a diligent partner. Tiger and Dog can work as a team. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac sign. Dog guards the farmland and expel the intruders.

They can find a way to get along well. Rabbit can take this advantage to expand its territory. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Dragon Chinese Zodiac sign. Dragon can be in the sky, on the ground, and under the water.

It is a symbol of power. Dog is a guardian of the farmland. Dragon is far superior to Dog. However, Dog is in charge of Dragon needs to communicate with Dog on the ground. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Snake Chinese Zodiac sign. Snakes are active when the sun is warming the ground.

They hide and sleep after sunset. Dog is connected to the time from 7: Dog tells Snake it is the time to rest. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Horse Chinese Zodiac sign.

Horse is the fastest animal for long distance travelling on the ground. Horse likes to compete with others during the day.

Dog Horoscope Predictions

Dog Hour is between 7 p. That means Dog tells Horse to stop running. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Sheep Chinese Zodiac sign. Sheep and Dog are respecting neighbors in the farmland.

Dog acts as a captain to lead Sheep when going out.

2018 and 2019 Horoscope for Dog People Born in Different Years

Sheep receives the protection from Dog during the working days. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Monkey Chinese Zodiac sign.

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Monkey is active, aggressive, energetic, impatient and naughty. Dog can watch the Monkey's behaviors and stop Monkey's bad movements.

Monkey needs to calm down when staying in Dog's territory. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Chicken Chinese Zodiac sign. Chicken and Dog are neighbors in the farmland. Dog can be the Chicken's bodyguard. Dog and Chicken are connected to autumn.

Daily Horoscope: May 8, 2018

It's a season of harvest. It's a time of good income. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Dog Chinese Zodiac sign. Dogs together could fight for bones. Dogs usually have a conflict of interest.

When the other Dog is in charge of , then we need to listen to it. Or we need to deal and work with it. People born in , , , , , , , or are members of the Pig Chinese Zodiac sign. Pig likes an easy and peaceful life.

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Dog likes to manipulate the Pig. Dog brings pressure on Pig. Pig needs to be smart when dealing with Dog's offensive behaviors. Chinese don't ask people's age directly.

When people ask what your Chinese Zodiac is, they are asking your Chinese zodiac Sign of your birth year. Most of Chinese Zodiac Predictions for the New Year is talking about the relationship between your zodiac sign and the zodiac animal sign of the coming New Year. We know those predictions have limited information. They will enjoy good financial returns.

They should, however, communicate more with family members and increase the time spent with their families. Single Dogs will meet the right person. It will be better for Dogs not to start any new business in They need to work hard and take care of the work they have in hand.

They might experience some stomach problems. Such problems may not be very serious, but they will be very bothersome. Dogs are advised to have regular health examinations, and to take time to refresh their minds by traveling.

Although Dogs' ability to make money will be good, they must work hard to earn more, both from long-term work and from windfalls.

Aries Dog Traits

Besides, they need to protect their own household goods. For example, they must make sure that sources of electricity and gas are turned off before they go out.

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  6. Single Dogs will be hopeful of meeting the right person. As for married Dogs, they will be vulnerable to disagreements with their partners. They should communicate more with other family members to maintain stability in their marriages. In Chinese astrology the traditional Chinese solar calendar is often used to determine zodiac months.

    The first month would begin within 2 days of February 5, and so on. Below, we have used the Chinese lunar calendar for however, as it is more commonly used in "popular astrology". For more on the different date systems in China, see The Chinese Calendar. It would be better for Dogs to continue their present careers rather than starting new business in month 1.

    They should, however, establish a wide range of contacts to help them in future. They should not expand their investments during this month but may have cause for optimism about the chances of winning a lottery prize.

    Dogs are forecast to have a downturn in luck during month 2. It will be better to work like a horse than try to impress everyone with individuality. Dogs can be hopeful of promotion. Great attention should be paid to Dogs' diet and they should avoid eating uncooked or cold food.

    Although Dogs will have many opportunities in month 3, they may lose in competitions with others, because of the large number of competitors. Little progress will be made in Dogs' careers in month 4. It will be better for them to relax than to fall ill from overwork.

    There will be the danger of an illicit partner in relationships. They should be careful to maintain good relationships to avert this danger. Financial luck will improve in the middle of the month.